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X_Science Jury (2010)

As a member of the short movie jury, Karlheinz Steinmueller took part in the Fifth X_Science festival: Cinema between Science and Science-Fiction at Genova/Italy in March 2010. The jury assigned the Best Movie Award to "Skhizein", an animation movie by Jeremy Clapin (France): “For the originality of the screenplay which leaves room to a subtle irony; for the development of the idea which remains open to many interpretations and levels of meaning; for the graphics choice, simple but of strong impact and for the usage of diverse animation techniques but integrated to a perfect creation of story and character.” More information on the X_Science website.

Signs of the Future (2007)

Futurologists are regularily looking for sings of the future: trends, weak signals and others. But there is still no comprehensive theory of how these signs are identified, how they are interpreted, and how they are used. One step foreward is a special issue of the Journal of Semiotics (Zeitschrift für Semiotik - sorry, only in German language) on "future signs". The issue contains papers by K. Steinmueller (the editor), Rolf Kreibich and other specialists in the field. Abstracts are available at the publisher's site.

Other papers by Steinmueller which appeared recently:


Technologies for the Future (2006)

In March 2006 the Steinmueller book on future technologies has appeared. Originally the Steinmuellers wanted to give it the title "Plus Ultra." - Plus Ultra, the motto of the Spanish royal dynasty stands for the ambition to always go one step further into the unknown (or - for the Spaniards - to sail on). The age of big discoveries is not over, and the 21st century has a lot of surprising scientific and technological breakthroughs in its sleeves. Nano - bio - info - cogno... Will the human being itself be transformed by technology? What are the prospects, what are the big challenges, what ethical issues and what public controvercies are to be expected?

The book aims at taking stock of progress so far and at assessing what can be expected. "Plus Ultra", alas, did not really work as a title. In German ears it is associated with ads about sanitary towels.



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