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Slowly, but surely

The Berlin-based Shayol-Verlag is publishing the collected science fiction writings of the Steinmuellers - a series which is going to have at least nine, perhaps as much as eleven volumes.


Six of them already appeared from 2003 to 2010: "Warmzeit" (Hothouse Age), "Andymon", "Spera", "Der Traummeister" (The Dream Master), "Pulaster", and "Computerdämmerung" (Twilight of the Digital Age).


In 2014 - after a break of four years - volume 7, a collection of collaborations of the Steinmüllers with Erik Simon, was published: "Die Wurmloch-Odyssee". The "Wormhole-Odyssey" is a tounge-in-cheek circle of eight stories about the adventures of a spaceship and its crew, who try to get home to Earth. They are hampered not so much by instable wormholes but by management procedures, team building, shared responsibilities, and cultural clashes - not to mention hamp.




Kurd Lasswitz Award for Steinmueller Story

"Winning the award shows us that science fiction which deals with reality stands a chance" - this was the first comment of Angela. In difference to the American Hugo Award (which is chosen by amateurs), the Kurd Lasswitz has a jury of sf professionals. In 2004, they voted "Vor der Zeitreise" (Before the Time Travel Starts; from the collection "Warmzeit. Geschichten aus dem 21. Jahrhundert") to place one, and "Das Internetz in den Händen der Arbeiterklasse" (The Internetz in the Hands of the Working Class) to place two in the category "Best German Story of the Year 2003". Both stories are available online, sorry, only in German, on the website of the Kurd-Laßwitz-Preis.

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