The Belt Worlds: Corals of Space
(Korallen des Alls)

First publication in the series "Das neue Abenteuer" (New Adventures, no. 447), Neues Leben Publ., Berlin 1984

"Not too fast will longest last", is a saying in the Belt, world of asteroids and small planets between Mars and Jupiter. A person who is running over the surface of such a small star can well lose ground, lift off and spin into space... Like Yarbro, the hero of the story, who is hunting for the precious Belt Corals and who behaves (in the eyes of the Belters) like the most stupid Earthling.


But perhaps Yarbro can nevertheless reach his aim? You can support him and steer his small spacecraft from spaceport to Sankar's rock.


Du kannst ihn unterstützen und mit ihm dringend benötigte Medikamente vom Raumhafen zu Sankars Fels bringen.


>> To the Hunt for the Corals of Space


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