The Wormhole Odyssey. A Space Operetta


Because it has lost its wormhole navigator, the small terrestrian space ship is disoriented wandering around. The crew of the Mercurius Quarbis discovers a forgotten space colony, has a very unpleasant encounter with a time-devouring world-spawner and owns it to the shipboard choir that it finally gets on Half Planets a real chance to find its way back to Earth. The navigator, just to mention it, is purchased and resold by aliens, but nevertheless gets to Earth first…


The stories about these adventures are told by different narrators: the extraterrestrial “mind listener” Breg’cl’orileino and the initially leg wise disabled robot RX 1950364, the cranky captain Schneider, the missing navigator Kemeny and others.





Breg’cl’orileino: The Flea Moon close to Toliman
Lef er’Xigamon: Toliman – Ilion C: Flight condition all normal
Raf Effarig: Transmitted by light – urgent
Nabla erk Lampadon: There-Under, Here-Out
Sven Sörenson: On the question of the Time-Devouring World-Spawner
RX 1950364: Desiderius Felix
Moritz Schneider: Captain’s log: Stopover on Half Planets
Desiderius Kemeny: Homecomer

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