Escapades. Fantasies and Fictions

by Erik Simon and Angela & Karlheinz Steinmüller
Berlin: Memoranda 2024

Escapades are wild caprices, escapes from routines, getaways into the unknown. We have written a sufficient number of stories, essays as well – is there still something else? Yes, it is: reviews of non-existent books, laudatory speeches that sound like an invective, speculations that defy all futurology, interviews with nobodies, diary entries from a skewed future, considerations about us barbarians, manuals, exchanges of letters and words … In an escapade, you romp around. What a wonderful feeling!

The book contains forty pieces in four departments:

  • Visions: Futurological-fictional sketches
  • Of People and Books: Hommages to writers and books
  • Fictions: Fictious reviews, interviews, tellings
  • Phantasmes: Exercises in SF

The volume is completed by substantial comments and publication histories.
Dimitrij Makarow has provided the cover image and four illustrations.

The book is available at Memoranda


From the table of content

  • Lemulation
  • Jerek erk Sigmon: Metalysis
  • Big Brother Award 2040
  • Nomen est nomen est nomen
  • Sexplosion
  • The Last Barbie
  • The Voice of Socrates
  • The Caveman as Explorer
  • Designer Religions
  • Simon Zwystein: Transcendence in 69 Copies
  • Aren’t We All a Little Bit Doolittle?
  • For SF to Babylon
  • Where is Inomerski?
  • You Must Read Slim Books!