Spera. Ein phantastischer Roman in Erzählungen (Spera. A Phantastic Novel in Stories)

Cover Spera

By Angela & Karlheinz Steinmüller
New edition, Golkonda Publishers, Imprint Memoranda, Munich & Berlin 2018
Collected Works, Vol. 3

In the beginning, Spera had been terraformed and settled by children of space, like Andymon. But after the last ship-born person has died, the knowledge of the "Great Old Ones" gets lost, and civilization breaks down. Primitive tribes are conquering the hospitable places of the planet - and meet an autochthone life form, the shape-changing "dragons". During a long period of fights - against the "dragons" and against petty tribal kingdoms - the Grunelian Empire rises. At the same time, the City of Miscara experiences - thanks to its "Dream Masters" - an age of cultural and economic development. And part by part the old knowledge is regained. In the end, the two main powers are competing in an space race to the Ship from which everything started.

The volume contains also a guest story by Erik Simon.

Der Traummeister. Ein Spera-Roman (The Dream Master. A Speranian Novel)

Cover Traummeister

By Angela & Karlheinz Steinmüller
Revised and extended edition Shayol Publishers, Berlin 2005
Vol. 4 of the Collected Works

Miscara, the city beyond the desert, at the foot of the Dragon Mountains, was once a flourishing place of culture and trade. Its dream masters attracted travelers from all parts of the world. But Miscara has lost its vitality. Certainly, its citizens are as industrious as in earlier times, but they have unlearned dreaming and no master is guiding and inspiring them. Moreover, Miscara is falling prey to catastrophic dust storms coming down form the ore mines in the mountains.

One day, a stranger appears. He has the faculty to dream! Immediately he is invited to the Dream Tower, from where the dreams are sent over the city. The City Council has its plans with him. He shall dream of industrious workers and brave soldiers and lavish celebrations. But Kilean, that is his name, is unbounding Mittal, the Empire of Images and Shadows, full of elemental forces, to where everything has sunk that the Micarians had suppressed since decades ...

Previous Editions

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Der Traummeister: Neues Berlin Publ., Berlin 1990, and Heyne Publ., Munich 1992
Spera: Shayol Publ., Berlin 2004