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Karlheinz Steinmüller is frequently giving presentations or keynote speeches on science fiction, sometimes in English.

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Examples of presentations in the last years are:

  • “Futures Studies and Science Fiction: Science Fiction as a Promotor of Future Consciousness”, World Futures Studies Federation Conference, Berlin 2021
  • "The Quest for a Bright Future. Images of the Future in GDR Science Fiction", EuroCon Dortmund 2017 (Presentation as download, 4 MB)
  • "From Babel to Babel Fish. Language Utopias in History", PentaCon Dresden 2015 (in German)
  • "Glimpses into the Digital Age. The Future of ICT", Hamburg 2014
  • "On Thinking Machines, Rayographs, and Crimeometers. From Scientific Detective to Science Fiction", ElsterCon Leipzig 2014 (in German)
  • "2050 and Beyond. Visions of the Future", Bangor University 2013
  • "Adventures With Atlantis. Between Utopia and Downfall", PentaCon Dresden 2013 (in German)
  • "The Very Long View", European Futurist Conference, Lucerne 2012
  • "Science Fiction - Lab of the Future", European Futurists Conference, Lucerne 2005
  • "Prospects of Artificial Intelligence in the 21st Century. Scenarios from Science Fiction and Futures Studies", European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Berlin 2000

Topics of his presentations include alternative history, future technologies in science fiction, utopian thinking, history of space flight and others.