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Information about presentations of Karlheinz Steinmueller: Vortragsangebot (970 KB, in German)

About Karlheinz Steinmueller: Vita (1.2 MB, in German)

Portrait: K. S. (3.6 MB)

The concept of Wild Cards is introduced in a short paper and in a presentation on wild cards for Europe, originally given at a seminar of Nordregio at Stockholm in March 2003: The Future as Wild Card (38 KB) Wild Cards for Europe (715 KB).

A more comprehensive presentation of the wild card concept was given at the FutureScene Conference of the Global Future Forum in July 2004: Wild Cards - What Makes Them Important? (1.4 MB)

Z_punkt is much engaged in corporate foresight. Some of the experiences and ideas on innovation are presented in two paper:

  • Fundamental concepts of technology foresight are explained in a short paper that also makes a case for technology scenarios:Technologies of the Future (122 KB)
  • Short paper on the future of detergency and cleaning, presented to the 43th International Detergency Conference, 2007 (98 KB)
  • Speculations about the impact of demographic change on European competitiveness - compared esp. with China - as given at the UNISYS Business Press Briefing in June 2004: Demographics and Competitiveness - An European Perspective (820 KB)
  • Keynote address on the future of languages in Europe, presented to the Euroscript conference "The Market of Languages - The Languages of the Markets" Brussels, June 2000: Evolution of Languages (220 KB)

In earlier years, Steinmueller did some research into the history of science. In an otherwise still unpublished paper he tries to trace back supposed sources of Albert Einstein's political convictions Einstein and the Movement for Ethical Culture (42 KB)