Die Wurmloch-Odyssee. Eine Weltraum-Operette (The Wormhole Odyssey. A Space Operetta)


By Erik Simon and Angela & Karlheinz Steinmüller
Reedition, Golkonda Publishers, Imprint Memoranda, Munich 2017 Collected Works, Vol. 7

Because it has lost its wormhole navigator, the small terrestrian space ship is disoriented wandering around. The crew of the Mercurius Quarbis discovers a forgotten space colony, has a very unpleasant encounter with a time-devouring world-spawner and owns it to the shipboard choir that it finally gets on Half Planets a real chance to find its way back to Earth. The navigator, just to mention it, is purchased and resold by aliens, but nevertheless gets to Earth first …

The stories about these adventures are told by different narrators: the extraterrestrial “mind listener” Breg’cl’orileino and the initially leg wise disabled robot RX1950364, the cranky captain Schneider, the missing navigator Kemeny and others.



Breg’cl’orileino: The Flea Moon Close to Toliman
Lef er’Xigamon: Toliman – Ilion C: Flight Condition All Normal Raf Effarig: Transmitted by Light – Urgent
Nabla erk Lampadon: There-Under, Here-Out
Sven Sörenson: On the Question of the Time-Devouring World-Spawner
RX1950364: Desiderius Felix
Moritz Schneider: Captain’s Log: Stopover on Half Planets
Desiderius Kemeny: Homecomer

Previous Edition

Shayol Publishers, Berlin 2014 (This edition never reached the market.)