Presentations in English

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Giving presentations is part of a futurist's business, and Karlheinz is frequently giving presentations as well on company events, on seminars and workshops and on academic conferences.

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Recent presentations in English language include topics like:

Futures Studies


  • Writing Narrative Scenarios. Experiences from Technology and Security Foresight
  • Some Remarks on Quality in Futures Studies – The TFS Approach
  • Events that Foreshadow the Future. Making Sense of Weak Signals
  • Territorial Foresight in Germany. Approaches and Experiences
  • Science Fiction - Lab of the Future?
  • Looking into the Future. Long-Term Trends and Their Implications

Wild Cards


  • Black Swans and the VUCA World
  • Dark Scenarios Like In Science Fiction – The FESTOS Experience (presentation as pdf file)
  • Beyond Trend-Based Thinking. Wild Cards and Foresight of the Unpredictable
  • Wild Cards - What Makes Them so Important (presentation as pdf file)

Technologies of the Future

  • Glimpses into the Digital Age. The Future of ICT
  • Beyond the Internet Age - New Technologies and Their Implications
  • Technologies of the 21st Century: What can we know?
  • Prospects of Artificial Intelligence in the 21st Century

Specific Topics

  • The World in 2040. Framework Conditions for New Kinds of Terrorism (posting on Rohit Talwars Facebook site)
  • The Future of Logistics Is Smart
  • Demographics and Competitiveness. An European Perspective (presentation as pdf file)
  • Translating Trend and Future Research into the Real World of Strategic Casino Management
  • Tomorrow's Consumers, Workers and Citzens - Who will they be?
  • Traditions, Life Styles, Values - Is Change Leading to New Scenarios of Consumption?
  • Evolution of Languages and Multilinguality in 21st Century Europe (presentation as pdf file)