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Angela und Karlheinz Steinmüller

Wild Cards - When the improbable happens

(Murmann Verlag Hamburg 2004, updated and extended edition of "Ungezähmte Zukunft", Gerling Akademie Verlag Munich 2003)  


  • Disasters, trend reversals and other imponderables
  • Wild Cards - Basics
  • The Life Cycle of Wild Cards
  • Wild Card Management: Dealing with disruptive events
  • Approaches to a systematics
  • Wild Cards, Chaos and Risk
  • Alternative History: The Benefits of Historic Wild Cards
  • Wild cards in futurology
  • Experiences with Wild Cards  

Catalog of Wild Cards


  • Infinite Energy
  • Lighter than air
  • Your friend, the robot.
  • Telephoning makes you sick
  • Language instead of writing
  • Production /@home
  • End of Moore's law
  • Anyone can be a telepath
  • There's nothing more secret on the net
  • Learning by Download
  • E.T.'s calling.

Economy and Finance

  • E-Cash goes Globo
  • Europe looks east
  • Exchange instead of money
  • Euro collapse
  • One per mil for the world
  • world financial crash
  • Asia lets its muscles play
  • Small Change for Developing Countries
  • blackout
  • Risks without insurance
  • Manager on the pillory


  • Free travel on private motorways
  • Allah is with the Tolerants
  • The nation states face competition
  • The Middle East explodes
  • UNO - goodbye!
  • Lightning over Kashmir
  • The USA on the retreat
  • Cyber-Zorro strikes
  • State without civil servants
  • Transatlantic Confrontation
  • The self-organized society
  • Brussels speaks Latin

Values, Lifestyles, Consumption

  • Vegetarian Revolution
  • Wrath of God, wrath of nature
  • Young against old
  • The androgynous society
  • Return to children, kitchen and church
  • outpouring of the Holy Spirit
  • Hyper becomes normal
  • pictoranto
  • Sleeping is out

Population and Health

  • A new baby boom
  • Collapse of fertility
  • The new plague
  • Immigration country EU
  • Life expectancy 100
  • Bacteria become immune
  • boy or girl of your choice
  • Europe is closing


  • Tuvalu against the United States
  • Asteroid meets Earth
  • The year of hunger
  • Countries under
  • In the solar wind
  • Algae on their way out
  • Displacement of the Gulf Stream