About Angela & Karlheinz

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Angela L. Steinmüller

* April 15, 1941, of an old Berlin family

1957 - 1971 different occupations (secretary), evening classes

1971 - 1975 studies of mathematics at Humboldt University Berlin, diploma on mathematical cybernetics

1975 - 1979 occupation as manager in the field of data processing

since 1980 free-lance writer

Karlheinz Steinmüller

* November 4, 1950 at Klingenthal/Vogtland

1969 - 1973 studies of physics at Chemnitz, and at Humboldt University Berlin (diploma in theoretical solid state physics)

1973 - 1976 studies of philosophy, doctoral thesis on "The Machine Theory of Life"

1977 - 1981 scientific co-worker at Central Institute for Cybernetics and Information Processes of the Academy of Sciences (engaged in ecological modelling)

1982 - 1991 free-lance writer

1991 - 2001 scientist and project manager at the SFZ - Secretariat for Future Studies at Gelsenkirchen

1997 co-founder and partner of Z_punkt. The Foresight Company, presently based at Cologne

2001 scientific director of Z_punkt

A. & K. Steinmüller collaboration

* marriage on a Friday, July 13, 1973

since 1980 co-authoring of publications

1988 Dream Crystal Award of the East German fandom for novel "Pulaster"

1988 "Prix Européen de la S. F." of the European SF Society

1992 Kurd Laßwitz Award for "The Candle Maker" (to A. S.)

1995 Kurd Laßwitz Award for "Lighter than Vacuum" (with Erik Simon)

2004 Kurd Laßwitz Award for "Before the Time Travel Starts"