Martian Landscapes

Phantastic Stories and a Radio Play

Volume 10 of the Collected Works, published in September 2020 at Memoranda


Of Canal Constructors, Quantum Entanglementers and Other People

“Failures of Reality” should have been the title of volume, this was the smallest common denominator: Weird and wild things break into daily routine, today, or at the past times of East Germany or of some unknown future. All things betray thee. Even time travel is no longer what it used to be. Not to speak of Atlantis. Or Mars. Obviously, Martian Landscapes are something fascinating. The title story has won the Kurd Laßwitz Award for the best German-language science fiction story of the year 2020. Eleven of the stories have been published before in anthologies or journals, the earliest one in 1978, six stories and the radio play appear for the first time in print.


  • Travelling on One’s Own Timeline. Preface


  • The Aura
  • Bertram C.
  • On Shaky Ground
  • Upgrade for Sandra Meier
  • Encounter in the Terminal
  • More Rapid Than Einstein Permits
  • Yaščik P-302


  • Contact test
  • Do Not Forget to Defrost
  • Goulash à la Ganymed (radio play)
  • War in Space
  • Rebirth


  • Churchill in Television

  • Time Cure

  • Accompanying Einstein on Gurten Mountain

  • Correspondence Chess

  • Books Must Burn!

  • Martian Landscapes

  • Printing History