Zukunftsforschung in Europa. Ergebnisse und Perspektiven (Futures Studies in Europe. Results and Prospects)


Ed. by Karlheinz Steinmüller, Rolf Kreibich und Christoph Zöpel
Nomos Publishers Baden-Baden 2000

The book contains eleven papers by prominent European futurists about theirs organizations and projects, theirs approaches and methods, their main topics and issues. Contributors come from all parts of Europe, from Spain to Finland. Academic institutions are covered as well as think tanks in companies. The book is completed by an outline of the history of futures studies in Europe and a kind of directory of about 40 organizations.

Streifzüge ins Übermorgen. Science fiction und Zukunftsforschung (Forays into the Day Beyond Tomorrow. Science Fiction and Futures Studies)


Ed. by Klaus Burmeister and Karlheinz Steinmüller
Beltz Publ. Weinheim and Basel 1992

Since their beginnings, there has been some exchange between science fiction and futures studies. Ideas and visions are trevelling from one field to the other, SF writers are probing their specific futures - what can futurists learn from science fiction?

The volume contains 16 papers as well by well-known SF writers and by futurists and other researchers and gives insights into the vast options of a more open approach to anticipation.

Wirklichkeitsmaschinen. Cyberspace und die Folgen (Reality Engines. Cyberspace and its Consequences)


Ed. by Karlheinz Steinmüller
Beltz Publishers Weinheim and Basel 1993

Virtual realities are technically and aestetically a fascinating thing. They are hailed as the "medium to end all media", but there is still a vast gap between the promises of the visionaries and technical realities. Nevertheless it is important and interesting to ask, how virtual realities will chance our concept of reality.

The volume contains papers by nine researchers and gives unique insights into future prospects, application fields, social impacts and philosopical consequences.