Computerdämmerung. Phantastische Erzählungen (Twilight of the Digital Age. Phantastic Stories)


By Angela and Karlheinz Steinmüller
Shayol Publishers, Berlin 2010
Collected Works, Vol. 6

What if the GDR still existed - in a parallel universe? What if a virus paralizes the part of the human brain responsible for religious faith? What if toy robots become part of family life? What if human beings could become immortal - as monkeys? What if you can beam yourself - in duplicate?


  • Duell of Tigers
  • The Japanese Doll's House
  • Audience
  • Late Talent
  • Operation Computer Twilight
  • The Internetz in the Hands of the Working Class
  • Plunge to Atlantis
  • Free Doorbhandles for Everybody!
  • Interview With a Book Maker
  • Clouds, More Subtle than a Breeze
  • Some Love It Hot
  • My Agents, a Mole and Myself
  • Munich Seen Though Cyber-Goggles
  • The Black Box
  • Donation of an Organ
  • Reservation
  • God and the Virus
  • Split Doubling
  • Of Horrors to Come
  • He, Who Is Blowing the Dust Away
  • Four Minutes of Eternity