In summer 2017, the collected science fiction writings of A. & K. Steinmüller have been continued by volumes 7 and 8. Both have been written in collaboration with Erik Simon and appear also - as crossover - in his collected writings.

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Die Wurmloch-Odyssee. Eine Weltraum-Operette (The Wormhole Odyssey. A Space Operetta)

This is a tounge-in-cheek circle of eight stories about the adventures of a spaceship and its crew, who try to get home to Earth. They are hampered not so much by instable wormholes but by management procedures, team building, shared responsibilities, and cultural clashes - not to mention hamp.

Have you ever met a time-devouring world-spawner? Have you ever made landfall on two half-planets? Did you train with your spacecraft choir songs of the Hreng? Did you ever discover a space colony lost in cyberspace? - No? Never? Then you have to join the crew of the Mercurius Quarbis on its wild-goose chase from wormhole to wormhole! But forget about returning home! The small spacecraft has lost its wormhole navigator (in fact: he has been sold) and stumbles deeper and deeper into unknown realms of space...

Band 8: Leichter als Vakuum (Lighter Than Vacuum)

Simon Zwystein is a compulsive adherent of cryptohistorics. Since decades, he unearthes and edits documents that may fill some striking gaps in official historiography.

Why got the population of Malta extinct at the end of the Tarxien age?

Was there a real chance for collaboration between Charlemagne and Harun al-Rashid?

Was the first man to put his feet on the Moon a German – in 1935?

Zwysteins most prominent achievment, however, is the rediscovery of a forgotten German science fiction novella "The Ultimate Voyage" that appeared in 1909 in some obscure journal in the USA. We may assume that the history of science fiction (at least of German SF) has to be rewritten...

The authors are deeply indebted to Hardy Kettlitz and the imprint Memoranda of Golkonda Publishers for continuing the series after Shayol Publishers obviously have discontinued publishing any books.

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