With volume 6 “Computerdämmerung”, the new edition of the collected works by Memoranda Publ. has been completed, at least for a while. A new preface “Of punched cards and the end of the computer age” connects the stories of the volume to real developmental stages of information technology. Two of the stories have been slightly revised: “God and the Virus, or The Amulet” and “He, Who Is Blowing the Dust Away”. More information on the page of the book.

Recently, Angela & Karlheinz have published more stories in magazines and anthologies:

  • „Fallende Sterne“ (Falling Stars), in: Future Fiction Magazine. 01 / February 2022
  • „Verlorene Schiffe“ (Lost Ships), in: Exodus 45, 11/2022
  • „Unheil aus der Tiefe“ (Doom From Below), in: Hans Jürgen Kugler / René Moreau (eds.): Ferne Horizonte. Entfernte Verwandte. Die Welt in Jahrmillionen. Hirnkost KG: Berlin 2023
  • „Die Räder von Himmel und Erde“ (The Wheels of Heaven and Earth), in: Erik Simon (Hrsg.): Zeitgestrüpp oder Die Räder von Himmel und Erde. Phantastische Geschichten über phantastische Geschichte. Verlag Thorsten Low: Meitingen/Erlingen 2023


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