Escapades. Fantasies and Fictions by Erik Simon and Angela & Karlheinz Steinmüller

»What Smith & Wesson are among the handguns, Simon & Steinmüller are among the headguns.« – Craig Kennedy, Scientific Detective

»This volume is proof that you can recall future lives. Otherwise, I had not been able to enjoy it.« – Xī Meng, »News about the Western barbarians«

Escapades are wild caprices, escapes from routines, getaways into the unknown. We have written a sufficient number of stories, essays as well – is there still something else? Yes, it is: reviews of non-existent books, laudatory speeches that sound like an invective, speculations that defy all futurology, interviews with nobodies, diary entries from a skewed future, considerations about us barbarians, manuals, exchanges of letters and words … In an escapade, you romp around. What a wonderful feeling!

More information on the page of the book. The book appeared at Memoranda Publ., Berlin 2024, and is available at the publishers website.


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