Rethinking Germany

"Continue like this" and "policy on sight" have their advantages, but these are not really convincing options in the long run. In a total of four scenarios (and six sub-scenarios), Klaus Burmeister, Alexander Fink, Beate Schulz-Montag and Karlheinz Steinmüller have described in shich direction Germany could develop:


  • Scenarios 1A-1C: Acceleration - where we end up if we stand up to change
  • Scenarios 2A-2C: New Horizons - freedom, justice and open questions in the dream space
  • Scenario 3: Deliberate Decoupling - opportunities and dangers of a German special path
  • Scenario 4: Old Borders - forward into the past

All in all, the book is a fact-based plea for more visionary thinking and more courage for social experiments.

The table of contents, the preface and a sample can be found on the website of Oekom-Verlag. General background information is provided by the website of the initiative "D2030".

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